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George’s Herts Life List

December 7, 2011

There are quite a number of differences between what George claimed on his Herts Life list in 2005 and his early Dec 2011 list on Bubo. Pay particular attention to the Great Skua and Rough Legged Buzzard information. There are birders who believe that many of these differences are just string so the following was sent by Steve Webb to George on the 7th Dec 2011 asking for more information but of course no reply:

“you are currently producing a Hertfordshire bird life list on BUBO i.e.

However there are a number of differences between the BUBO Herts life list (which is currently being “amended”) and a previously published list on the Yahoo email Hertbirding group i.e. message number 3878. Message 3878 was produced on the Aug 2, 2005 and is referred here as the 2005 list with a copy below.

You state that the current BUBO Herts life list is work in progress i.e. “This is still a work in progress and some of the dates are rough as I cannot locate many of my notebooks to check the details. Some dates are provisional and a few species are still to be added once dates are found (eg Serin, Fulmar, Gannet).

Due to the differences in the BUBO Herts life list and message 3878 here are my [Steve Webb] comments taking into account new birds seen since 2005:

The 2005 list has Twite (Baldock Dec ’81; Startopsend) but it is not on your latest BUBO list.

The 2005 list has Purple Sandpiper but it is not on your BUBO list.

The 2005 list has Arctic Skua but it is not on your BUBO list.

The BUBO list as of 3rd Dec 2011 (as per the attachment) states that you saw Great Skua on the 3rd Sept 1983 killing Coots. However on that date you were at St. Ives seeing Wilson’s Petrel with other high listers. I see on the latest bubo version you have taken out 3rd Sep 1983 date. Please supply a new date.

Fulmar and Gannet. The 2005 list states “Barry has Fulmar, Gannet, Corncrake and Black Stork on me as does Graham. Please supply a witness for Fulmar and Gannet on these recent events.

Your latest BUBO has Arctic Redpoll at Broxbourne Woods (pre-2005) but it is not on the August 2005 list. Please supply a witness.

Your latest BUBO has Lady A in 1980 but it is not on the August 2005 list.

The 2005 list said you had not seen Rough-legged Buzzard. The BUBO list as of 3rd Dec 2011 (as per the attachment) stated: “My first ever Rough-legged Buzzards were seen during the huge influx of this species in early 1975.” Which is the correct statement?

Your Goshawk sightings are from private sites before 2005 but I note other high listers have not seen Goshawk. Please supply a witness for at least 1 bird.

Velvet Scoter: please supply a witness.

Savi’s Warbler. You mention 2 birds. Can we have a witness for one of these records.

Kentish Plover can you supply a further witness.”


The following was sent by George to Hertsbirding email group on Aug 2, 2005:

(This is Hertsbirding Yahoo message number 3878)

“I have been somewhat amazed by the number of visiting county birders to the Montagu’s and Marsh Harriers currently showing in the east of the county. Many have been there on the pretense of county listing, stating that Montagu’s Harrier is a species new to their county list. These have included Mike Ilett, Bill Last, Joan Thompson, Roland, Adam Wilson, Graham White, to mention just a few.

If this is the case, then I am pleased to see so many birders are keen on their county list. Some months (or years ago), I asked for birders to submit to me their Herts Life Lists, so that I could compile a Top 10, but apart from Barry Reed and Lee Marshall, I received nothing. So once again, I am keen to receive Herts birders county totals.

I reproduce my own personal county list below, currently standing at 252 species. Barry has Fulmar, Gannet, Corncrake and Black Stork on me as does Graham White. I have also NOT SEEN the following species recorded in the county :Storm Petrel, Squacco Heron, Glossy Ibis, Barnacle Goose, Green-winged Teal?, Eider, Black Kite, Rough-legged Buzzard, Little Crake, Baillon’s Crake, Sociable Plover, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Pomarine Skua, Caspian Gull, Roseate Tern, Common Guillemot, Razorbill, Atlantic Puffin, Alpine Swift, Bee-eater, Woodlark, Bluethroat, Rock Thrush, Aquatic Warbler, Great Reed Warbler, Melodious Warbler, Dartford Warbler, Barred Warbler, Siberian Chiffchaff, Woodchat, Nutcracker, Rose-coloured Starling, Scandinavian Arctic Redpoll, Two-barred Crossbill, Cirl Bunting, Ortolan, Rustic Bunting or Little Bunting.

LGRE – Hertfordshire County Life List, Up to and including 2nd August 2005

1) Red-throated Diver (3)
2) Black-throated Diver (5 records: Stockers, Wilstone & Stevenage)
3) Great Northern Diver (4 – all Wilstone)
4) Great Crested Grebe
5) Red-necked Grebe (several)
6) Slavonian Grebe
7) Black-necked Grebe
8] Little Grebe
9) Manx Shearwater (Wilstone)
10) Leach’s Petrel (Hilfield Park)
11) Eurasian Shag (several)
12) Cormorant (both forms)
13) Eurasian Bittern
14) LITTLE BITTERN (Rye Meads)
15) BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON (Lemsford Springs in Dec 71)
16) CATTLE EGRET (West Hyde & Lynsters)
17) GREAT WHITE EGRET (Wilstone)
18) Little Egret
19) Grey Heron
20) PURPLE HERON (Amwell GP)
22) WHITE STORK (Tring)
23) Whooper Swan
24) Bewick’s Swan
25) Mute Swan
26) Greylag Goose
27) TUNDRA BEAN GOOSE (Wilstone & Rye Meads)
28) Pink-footed Goose (several)
29) Eurasian White-fronted Goose
30) Dark-bellied Brent Goose
31) Canada Goose
32) Common Shelduck
33) Egyptian Goose
34) Mandarin
35) Mallard
36) Gadwall
37) Eurasian Wigeon
38) AMERICAN WIGEON (Tring Res 86-88)
39) Common Teal
40) FALCATED DUCK (Wilstone)
41) Garganey
42) BLUE-WINGED TEAL (Wilstone & Stockers)
43) Northern Pintail
44) Northern Shoveler
45) Red-crested Pochard
46) Tufted Duck
47) RING-NECKED DUCK (several)
48) LESSER SCAUP (Tyttenhanger GP & Wilstone)
49) Greater Scaup
50) Northern Pochard
51) FERRUGINOUS DUCK (several)
52) Common Scoter
53) VELVET SCOTER (several)
54) Goldeneye
55) Long-tailed Duck
56) Goosander
57) Red-breasted Merganser
58) Smew
59) Ruddy Duck
60) WHITE-HEADED DUCK (2 records)
61) Osprey
62) Red Kite
63) Marsh Harrier
64) Hen Harrier
65) Montagu’s Harrier (4 records)
66) Sparrowhawk
67) Northern Goshawk
68) Common Buzzard
69) Honey Buzzard (20+ in 2000)
70) Peregrine
71) Hobby
72) Merlin
73) Common Kestrel
74) Common Pheasant
75) Grey Partridge
76) Red-legged Partridge
77) Common Quail
78) Spotted Crake (Tring Res)
79) Water Rail
80) Moorhen
81) Coot
82) COMMON CRANE (Harpendon)
83) Oystercatcher
84) Avocet (Several)
86) Stone Curlew (breeding)
87) Dotterel (several)
88) Ringed Plover
89) Little Ringed Plover
90) KENTISH PLOVER (2 at Wilstone in April ’76)
91) European Golden Plover
92) Lapwing
93) Dunlin
94) Curlew Sandpiper
95) Red Knot
96) Sanderling
97) Temminck’s Stint (several)
98) Little Stint
99) LEAST SANDPIPER (Startopsend Res)
100) Purple Sandpiper (Wilstone)
101) PECTORAL SANDPIPER (3 at Tring Res)
102) Ruff
103) LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER (Tring Res in ’77)
104) Common Snipe
105) GREAT SNIPE (Rye Meads)
106) Jack Snipe
107) Woodcock
108) Black-tailed Godwit
109) Bar-tailed Godwit
110) Eurasian Curlew
111) Whimbrel
112) Spotted Redshank
113) Common Redshank
115) Greenshank
116) Wood Sandpiper
117) Green Sandpiper
119) Common Sandpiper
120) Turnstone
121) Grey Phalarope (several)
122) Red-necked Phalarope (several)
123) Great Skua
124) Arctic Skua
125) LONG-TAILED SKUA (Wilstone in Sept ’88)
126) Black-headed Gull
127) Little Gull
128) Mediterranean Gull
129) Yellow-legged Gull
130) Herring Gull (both forms)
131) Lesser Black-back (2 forms)
132) Great Black-back
133) Glaucous Gull (several)
134) Iceland Gull (several)
135) Common Gull
136) Black-legged Kittiwake
137) Common Tern
138) Arctic Tern
139) Little Tern
140) Sandwich Tern
141) Black Tern
143) LITTLE AUK (Hilfield)
144) Stock Dove
145) Woodpigeon
146) Collared Dove
147) Turtle Dove
148) Ring-necked Parakeet
149) Cuckoo
150) Little Owl
151) Long-eared Owl
152) Short-eared Owl
153) Tawny Owl
154) Barn Owl
155) European Nightjar
156) Common Swift
157) Common Kingfisher
159) Green Woodpecker
160) Great Spotted Woodpecker
161) Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
163) Skylark
164) GREATER SHORT-TOED LARK (Tyttenhanger GP)
165) Sand Martin
166) House Martin
167) RED-RUMPED SWALLOW (Hilfield)
168) Barn Swallow
169) Tree Pipit
170) Meadow Pipit
171) Water Pipit
172) Rock Pipit
173) Pied Wagtail
174) White Wagtail
175) Grey Wagtail
176) Yellow Wagtail
177) Bohemian Waxwing
178) Dunnock
179) Rufous Nightingale
180) Robin
181) Stonechat
182) Whinchat
183) Common Redstart
184) Black Redstart
185) Northern Wheatear
186) Blackbird
187) Fieldfare
188) Ring Ouzel
189) Redwing
190) Song Thrush
191) Mistle Thrush
192) Grasshopper Warbler
193) SAVI’S WARBLER (Stansted Abbotts GP in Apr ’79)
194) Reed Warbler
195) MARSH WARBLER (Northchurch in June ’88)
197) Sedge Warbler
198) Cetti’s Warbler
199) Garden Warbler
200) Common Whitethroat
201) Lesser Whitethroat
202) Blackcap
203) Wood Warbler
204) Common Chiffchaff
205) Willow Warbler
206) YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER (Long Marston 2nd Oct ’88)
207) Goldcrest
208) Firecrest
209) Spotted Flycatcher
210) Pied Flycatcher (several)
212) Bearded Tit (several)
213) Long-tailed Tit
214) Marsh Tit
215) Willow Tit
216) Coal Tit
217) Great Tit
218) Blue Tit
219) Nuthatch
220) Treecreeper
221) Wren
223) Northern Grey Shrike
224) Red-backed Shrike (3+)
225) Jay
226) Magpie
227) Rook
228) Carrion Crow
230) Jackdaw
231) GOLDEN ORIOLE (Ashridge on 12th May 1977)
232) Common Starling
233) House Sparrow
234) Tree Sparrow
235) Brambling
236) Chaffinch
237) Lesser Redpoll
238) Mealy Redpoll
239) TWITE (Baldock Dec ’81; Startopsend)
240) Linnet
241) Siskin
242) SERIN (Stanstead Abbotts Jan 91)
243) Goldfinch
244) Greenfinch
245) Bullfinch
246) Hawfinch
247) COMMON ROSEFINCH (Kings Langley in Dec ’86)
248) Common Crossbill
249) Corn Bunting
250) Yellowhammer
251) Reed Bunting
252 Species up and until August 2005
Tue Aug 2, 2005 2:09 pm

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