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Tengmalm’s Owl & LGRE (26/7/19)

December 31, 2012

This post consists of four topics: getting into trouble over his 2019 Shetland Tengmalm’s Owl; asking does blinding owls have a negative impact on the bird; 2012 tweets (e.g. “Just heard of a TENGMALM’S OWL in the UK but won’t be telling any arseholes about it – suppression is the new way forward”) and Leicester Llama’s site on Arsehole alert.                            

part 1.png
part 2.png

George did not take this photo but he added his words to this version!! He does this quite often and most birders don’t realize that these photos are not his. However he was taking lamped photos at the time of the original photo.

On that night George was in good company with twat-boy and pratt-boy – see

George also put a photo on twitter of the lamped owl but he got clocked deleting it i.e.
In July 2019 George made the following comment:

2 tweets in 2012 from George (i.e. Lee G R Evans):

Just heard of a TENGMALM’S OWL in the UK but won’t be telling any arseholes about it – suppression is the new way forward”

“Losing my faith with birding – it is a thankless hobby with little or no respect given. They think they have a RIGHT to see birds – no way”

See Mark Reeder’s take on it under the heading “14th November. Mad as a Hatter” at

The following came from Leicester Llama’s site “No idea what this is all about – some dodgy looking bloke I met in a car park asked me if I could advertise his new service.”


More information on this Tengmalm’s can be found on BF at

How does this suppression stack up with the UK400ClubRareBirdAlert on 22/12/12:  “Premier Bird News direct to your computer and phone now available on subscription for just £12* per year (* limited offer only) – email for details. Get direct access to the Club Database, detailing all sightings.”

So will details of ALL sightings include things like suppressed Tengmalms?

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