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So much sniping

September 18, 2013


A bit of sniping is going on. George stated: “Wednesday, 18 September 2013 Latest Atlantic Depression displaces a few LESSER YELLOWLEGS… Whilst it seemed like the majority of the Nation’s twitchers were at Kilnsea (East Yorkshire) watching an exhausted Great Snipe patrolling a ditch in Beacon Lane, I was in Southwest Britain photographing a juvenile LESSER YELLOWLEGS at Trews Weir, Exeter – a particularly confiding individual……

George’s claims as usual are not always based on reality. Have a look at:

The twitter sequence was: Garry Bagnell ‏@GarryBagnell16 Sep Just been sent this picture of the Great Snipe twitch. I should be in there somewhere?

Lee Evans ‏@LeeEvansBirding16 Sep@GarryBagnell You got better views of the snipe than u ever did of the Lower Moors Northern Waterthrush. U may as well take both of as utv

Garry Bagnell ‏@GarryBagnell16 Sep 13 is my lucky number. This year could see me get 13 ticks folks. If I scrub the Fazakerley snipe. That means 4 more twitchable megas.”

(lgrebirds comment: George counts the Fazakerley bird but it is not on the BBRC list.)

What Garry not following his master and counting the Fazakerley bird! There is confusion if the Fazakerley Great Snipe ever existed e.g.

Lee Evans ‏@LeeEvansBirding16 Sep@GarryBagnell Your rationale is imbalanced; on that basis, Spurn Great Snipe is your SECOND – Try and talk some sense

Garry Bagnell ‏@GarryBagnell16 Sep Northern waterthrush was a magnificent bird to see on my 2nd visit to Scillies over the 3 days. I’m happy I saw the bird. #MyListMyRules

Lee Evans ‏@LeeEvansBirding16 Sep Looking at the net, seems like I was the only one who didn’t go to Spurn to see the moribund Great Snipe..

Lee Evans ‏@LeeEvansBirding23h Out in the field today, word on the street was that twitchers were to blame for the demise of the Spurn Great Snipe

Lee Evans ‏@LeeEvansBirding23h Apparently, despite being asked to move, crowds bordered both ends of the GS’s feeding run preventing it from feeding for a number of hours”

The birdforum thread on the snipe was a hoot at


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  1. Derick Evans permalink

    It obviously goes without saying. Gearge has never gotten close to annoy a rarity. LOL.
    You shouldn’t listen to gossip George. Just for his information and the record. I was their for most of Sunday (Dawn to Dusk) and the bird fed throughout, both in the ditch and in the open,even venturing onto the road at one point. It also spent time feeding on/near the grass verge where it actually slept/rested for a while.

    The “Twitchers” as George calls them were in the minority here and were very well behaved.
    It was photographers that got a little to close for comfort and they were told by Spurn regulars to move and they reluctantly did so.
    No one prevented the Snipe from feeding on Sunday at least.

  2. Derick Evans permalink

    Just to further disprove George’s ridiculous comments that Twitchers stopped the Spurn Gt. Snipe from feeding.
    A well respected Birder/photographer has offered to supply photos of the Snipe eating lots of worms on both Sunday & Monday.
    Can you ask George. How many timed & dated photo’s he woul dlike to see please?

    It must be difficult for George now he’s lost all credibility and very few birders bother listening to his childish ranting.
    Is it any wonder though when as in this case, George resorts to making uninformed comment on something he knew nothing about.

  3. Can't Say permalink

    Are you aware that Evans is now telling people he has pancreatic cancer and ‘might not last beyond Xmas’? Apparently he’s been telling people this since the Birdfair, but everyone who’s seen him in the field recently says he looks fine. Sounds very much to me like a repeat of his ‘brain tumour’ delusion a few years ago, but this time most likely as a cover for the fact that he can’t afford to go twitching any more. The ‘sniping’ and bitchy comments at other birders and twitchers seems to have greatly increased recently as well, which adds weight to that theory. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out, as people don’t tend to recover from pancreatic cancer…..

  4. Can't say permalink

    Doesn’t look like there’s much wrong with him after all if he’s planning tours that far ahead. Clearly the cancer story is just an attempt to con kind-hearted but gullible people into giving him free lifts around the country.

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