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At least 10 species of humans (14/6/17)

June 28, 2016

George, a UKIP voter – as per FB message, tweeted the following 2 messages:



When these comments started to get him into trouble he then pretended he was not the author of them. Then the above tweets were deleted from his twitter account presumably by George!!

Unsurprising with such dreadful tweets by George, others tweeted their response to them, e.g. “Your view of ’10 sp of humans’ is one of the ugliest, most racist things imaginable”. “UR being vilified for your racist posts (which you tried to hide) & your sad attempt to blame them on a parody account @LeeEvansBirding is not the voice of birding …but more importantly not the voice of any right minded person”.


Here are more comments from George including sending thousands of British people to Syria for the Kurds to sort out because they had ISIS views. 


isis comments

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