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WP bogus claims (6/1/18)

December 12, 2016

There is a lot of interest in the 2017 Big Year Western Palearctic race by 3 Swedish guys ( We wish them luck.

George fictitious WP year list claims

On the bigyearwp site, on the Mission Statement page, George stated on 20 Sept 2016, “I have done a number of big Western P yearlists – my best was 657 species (using UK400 Club taxonomy)”. However George gives different figures elsewhere and none of these claims are documented, which is typical of George, a pathological liar e.g.

On wikipedia it states “Lee Evans ….. Amongst his many accolades are …. 704 species in the Western Palearctic in one calendar year”. In the book: Behind the Binoculars: Interviews with acclaimed birdwatchers, George stated “a whopping 682 species in the Western Palearctic in one year”. His best year according to Surfbirds was in 2009, it “was another bumper year for me in terms of year-listing, with no less than 643 species recorded in the wider Western Palearctic region”. On his blog is yet another number: ” 627+ in the Western Palearctic in 2008″.

George fictitious WP life list claims: 

George claims to be the number one WP life lister but this was never true. On George’s website he claimed:


At the end of 2017 he was claiming on bubo that he had 833 but his detailed bubo list only showed 653. He pretended that it would take too long to find to trace the missing 180 species from his notebooks:


In the past, George was shown as number 1 on the Netfugl WP life list rankings e.g. in Nov 2008, George claimed 785 and Chris Bell was 782. However Netfugl then requested that all WP listers had to supply dates and locations for rare birds. George would not supply the data so nowadays he is shown as number 320. George claimed that he could not find his notebooks and/or his computer had a catastrophic crash so he could not determine the dates of the sightings. This is a ploy he often uses. 

George has used the same excuse on year and county lists. On year-lists, George has stated “I keep meticulous notes on all of the birds that I see and record even every Song Thrush and Lesser Black-backed Gull. The notes are all handwritten and kept in small notebooks covering each year …..My notes are made out in the field.” He also stated that he has ‘the most comprehensive records database of all time’, 

On Surfbirds it shows George’s list as number 1 with 860 but it has no details of what birds, dates or locations. In the book Tales of a Tabloid Twitcher, published in 2010, George stated 854. On bubo dated 31/12/16, it shows 618 but says “A work in progress; 200 or so vagrants to add to list” so presumably that’s a total of around 818.

George fictitious WP bird claims

There are many WP birds that George has claimed that it is known he did NOT see. For example, the Southern Pochard was investigated by this site here. Interesting on George’s WP list on bubo last updated on 06/01/2016, George does not mention Southern Pochard. However he states its “work in progress; 200 or so vagrants to add to list “.

Its about time George produced detailed year lists and life lists for WP, Britain & Ireland, and county lists with specific birds, dates, locations and witness names where appropriate. 

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