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LGRE’s American White-winged Scoter

January 14, 2017

Looking at George’s 2016 UK400 list on bubo we found 9 errors/probable fabrications. George did not see the American White-winged Scoter on the 2/7/2016 as claimed at Murcar Beach, Aberdeenshire.

On 2/7/2016 George spent the afternoon near Amersham, presumably at his home in Little Chalfont.

Facebook timestamps tweets that are sent out. It also possible to see the location of where the tweet was sent from. On the 2/7/2016 there were 26 tweets sent from near Amersham from 2.44 pm till 10.50 pm.

Tweets were sent out from Little Chalfont from 13th June to 5th Oct, EVERY day except for 7 days. 5 of those 7 days we know where George was, and none of these were in Scotland.

For the bubo records that look highly dubious or wrong, we suggest George, you correct your bubo list and give witness details where appropriate so we can investigate further.

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