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Welcome to Lutonstan (5/3/19)

July 17, 2017


George (LRGE) posted the above which also included a link to the video on his Facebook account stating “I knew this subject would be controversial but as I have strong concerns about the situation……Nobody will spend more time in the company of these trusted friends as I do but to say multiculturism is working in this country is a misnomer. I’m not going to get involved in a heated discussion about this because all that will be said is that I am a racist but trust me, working at first-hand, this will not end happily.”

Not surprisingly there were a wide range of comments including “Posting a Britain First reference to ‘Lutonstan’ and claiming not to be racist is the sign of a very confused man. You’re not racist but will share, promote and explicitly defend the platform and policies of an avowedly racist group, who have an entire paramilitary wing dedicated to intimidation and violence and whose members include M.P Jo Cox’s murderer? Hmmm”

George has said that he is very far right wing and has make some outlandish claims:


nigel farage2.png

George has also claimed that he founded UKIP!!


Although George claims not to be racist he has put out a number of strange tweets e.g. “at least 10 species of humans“, e.g. “the majority of the 23,000 are so-called “British” born and bred here. But yes, send them back to Syria for the Kurds to sort out.”


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