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Bogus UK life list claims (23/4/19)

October 4, 2017

This post is based on lists as of 1/10/17 in line with George’s Facebook claim on that date. On 1/10/17 on Facebook George stated “My UK Life List is 582 (UK400 Club) 564 (BOU)”. Both of these claims as you would expect are fiction.

evans bou claim

We think George’s BOU list is 549 not 564!!

The UK400 club contrary to its UK title actually includes Irish records as well – some Irish birders are not too happy about this! Even George’s combined Britain and Ireland list (BOU/IRBC) is only 554 (i.e. 565 – 12 + 1 = 554 – see details below).

George has never published a full combined list to the species level. However Steve Webb’s list (i.e. here) is on bubo and does give a breakdown to the species level. By looking at Steve’s list and knowing what birds they have seen over each other it is possible to get a very good idea of George’s real total.

As of 1/10/17 on the combined list there are 12 birds that Steve has seen that George has not. George has only seen 1 accepted bird over Steve. The 12 birds are Caspian Plover, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Eastern Kingbird, Purple Martin, Grey Catbird, White-crowned Black Wheatear, Green Warbler, Thick-billed Warbler, Magnolia Warbler, Chestnut Bunting, Brown-headed Cowbird, Lammergeier (which is on Steve’s Bubo’s list because Bubo allows pending birds).

George has accepted the Lammergeier as a real bird. He stated on Facebook on 15/10/16 “This includes no fewer than EIGHT new additions to the list: Dalmatian Pelican, ….. Lammergeier, …”.

George has 1 accepted record that Steve has not seen which is Moltoni’s Warbler. Although George has claimed Barolo Shearwater and Yelkouan Shearwater on the same seawatch off Pendeen in 2009 neither bird has been submitted to BBRC. The claimed Barolo was only seen by a few people of the large gathering and the Yelkouan was seen by even less. There has only been accepted 1 record of Yelkouan and that was photographed! 

Note that there are a couple of records where we have given George the benefit of the doubt but its possible that he pretended to have seen them instead. If George thinks that any of the above is incorrect we suggest that he publishes his full combined list on bubo with if possible witnesses.

It is not possible to determine George’s exact UK400 total because he has never published a full UK400 list. He published on 31/12/16 on bubo a UK400 life list that showed only 338 birds. However we are aware that George has quite a lot of string on his UK400 life list and counts non-real birds e.g. Scillies Amur Wagtail, Bickell’s Thrush. Although George claims 582 for his UK400 list he is around 573. 

It’s about time George published his full UK400 list on bubo so we can do a post on that as well.

George has a habit of creating fictional bird totals for himself and others. For example, “The Top 10 Listing Birders in the UK” is a fictional list of UK400 totals. It is also not helped by the fact that a number of these birders have also cheated on their totals. George is not only one in the “top 10” that claims birds they have not seen.

This top 10 list shows a David Oddy at no. 4. It states “David Oddy, once of Surrey but now in a caravan in Yorkshire, arguably one of the least deserving of such a high accolade, on 592 species”. This person is actually Steve Webb. Steve registered a complaint to the Data Protection Information Commissioner’s Office because George was using Steve’s list data without Steve’s permission and also giving the wrong total for him. This resulted in George not putting the name Steve Webb in the totals list but instead calling him The Invisible Man. Then later George changed this to David Oddy.

Its not too surprising that George does not like Steve Webb because Steve use to run an anti-LGRE website called “The Truth on LGRE” which exposed George as a fraud and compulsive lair.

On the combined BOU/IRBC, Steve is on 565 and George 554 which is a difference of 11. However Steve Webb (i.e. David Oddy) is shown on the UK400 top 10 totals list (as of 9/9/16) with 592 and George with 588 which is ONLY a difference of 4!!

Why is there only a difference of 4 when it should be around 11? It has been noted by some birders that if George likes you he marks your total up and if he dislikes you he marks your total down!! The totals on George’s site below are just fiction. 

top 10 final

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