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About (1/3/19)

A very warm welcome to lgrebirds. This blog is based on facts. Posts are checked and vetted for accuracy before it goes live so its very rare for this blog to get things wrong. Please let us know of any inaccuracy on this site and we will amend it. Contact details are below. We believe in the right to reply, so George, feel free to comment and we will publish it. By selecting the Uncategorized button it will list all posts in one place.

We are trying to significantly reduce the number of new posts because we feel this blog has achieved it objectives. However when new information comes in on an existing topic we update the old post with the new information and put the date of the update in the title (like above).

This site is about LGRE i.e. Lee Geoffrey Richard Evans of UK400 / British Birding Association, twitcher fame, ( This site is dedicated to the ‘George Michael of birding’, the self-appointed ‘judge, jury and executioner’ and ‘policeman of birding’ who has a long track record of accusing other birders of not seeing birds yet has the nerve to complain when many of his own sightings are challenged. Whilst George sets himself up as an ornithological authority, unwanted arbiter of birders lists, inventing bird totals for birders, ….. we think he is a poacher turned, well, poacher, fabricating his own records whilst setting himself up as a judge of other people’s. George is a compulsive liar and cheat on an extraordinary scale. George has been cheating since the late 1970s. We believe he is very Trump like. Some think George is a psychopath or demonstrates in pure form every single symptom of the narcissistic personality disorder.

Some non-UK birders may be wondering why LGRE is called George. Its because he often compares himself to George Michael. For example, from the Behind the Binoculars book, “Our lives have been very similar”. “He is the top of the game in his penchant as I am but just doesn’t get the credit he deserves”. Have a look at this excellent short video – TWITCHERS for BBC. Also the Twitchers A Very British Obsession video. However this is a long video and some of the best quotes can be found on Of Pies and Birds postHere are 4 Hitler videos on George which are based on facts and fiction: The biggest list of all timeI got the biggest of all time, At all costs I will stay in the top 10, I need the Lundy Ruppell’s Warbler. 

George has made some extraordinary WP claims which are can be found here.

Often we have witness information to a George event but to publish this information would made it very difficult for the witness. In these cases we do not publish the witness name or information but instead keep it in the private George files. Some of the best stuff on George cannot be published because George would know who its come from

Sending us a comment via the blog it will not go public if its requested to be private. Alternatively send us information via the email address which is always treated as private. 

Much of his cheating about George was exposed on “The Truth on LGRE” website which started around 2001. This can ONLY be seen via an archive website. You MUST go via an archive site e.g. and type in the following address into the archive search box, press BROWSE HISTORY, & select the 2008 version.

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