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Part 2: The pot calling the kettle black (24/6/20)

June 20, 2020

We normally update existing posts if more information comes in. However too much new information has come in so we have created a Part 2 post instead. To understand the context of this post it might be worth reading Part 1 first.

Definition of a hypocrite is a person (or birder) who pretends to have moral virtues, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs i.e. George.

You are not a hypocrite if you just ignore government advice, like many that George refers to. However you are a hypocrite if you behave like George during the full lock-down preaching to others not to drive long distances for birds but doing it himself on an almost daily basis.

In the last week or so George has been saying things about birders which are untrue and also calling many of them hypocrites. For example:lothian birders

This prompted the following response:

probableroller short

Note North Berwick is in Lothian!! The Part 1 post showed during the full lock-down period George was birding over a number of counties driving big distances nearly every day. So who is the real hypocrite?

George also posted on twitter:


Here are a couple of the responses:



George posted this recently:

social distance

However George’s photo is distorting distant objects as it was taken about 50 metres away. All these birders were keeping their social distance and keeping much more than two metres away from each other!! Here is David Bevan’s response to George’s photo (at



On other times George has pretended he was doing bird surveys. Also on the following post George had a pop at others:


A website can only libellous if it contains untrue information on it. Posts are checked for accuracy before they go on. We welcome comments from anyone including George if they spot something inaccurate on this website and we will rectify it.

We are amused by George’s comment that “Webb actually runs people over”. Perhaps he would like to publish some details.

May we remind George what he said about fatalities: “Been involved in at least 11 major car crashes which have resulted in several fatalities.”… “11 people died” …. “it’s just part of the birding game, when you’ve been in as many accidents as I have, you don’t worry about it”. Note there have been no fatalities by George although that might seem surprising given his claimed driving speeds. In 1996 he claimed that the police monitored his car in 1987 on the A90 between Perth and Aberdeen doing “117 miles in 46 minutes”. We presume this drive included the 6 miles of the built-up area of Dundee. However Perth to Aberdeen is 86 miles not 117!! He also claimed that “For breaking the British record, he was banned” from driving.



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