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Photo string continues (11/6/21)

May 5, 2021

We did a long post on George’s Bucks Photo String and he continues to use photos in his stringing activities which means we often don’t bother mentioning them on this site. Sometimes its done so that he can claim a fictitious bird in Bucks. No wonder he has been banned from submitting bird records to the Bucks Bird Club and banned from local WhatsApp bird groups.

From George’s post above you would think the photo is of the Hedgerley Green bird for the 3rd of May!! Its not – its a photo George took in November 2018. It is doubtful that George saw the Hedgerley Green bird on the 3rd. If George did see the bird on that afternoon it was dark and windy and not bright sun casting shadows as in his photo.

George still as of 9/6/21 maintains he took photos of the Hedgerley bird i.e.

Also he used the same photo in the Facebook Chesham Wildlife 2020 calendar!!

To compound the fraud George then puts on Facebook another photo on the 5th May but again its of the 2018 bird!!

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