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The real 2018 BOU no. 1 lister (14/1/19)

January 7, 2019

This is a bit of a deja vu moment againGeorge is claiming to be the joint number 1 BOU record holder for 2018.

We know for certain George did not see at least 2 birds. We have witnesses to this fact. This is a bit like his 2017 list where we knew he did not see some birds but we could not name the birds because George would then know who gave us the information. There is also another 1 bird that almost certainly he did not see and another 1 he probably did not see.

We also note he is counting a duff White Stork. Although George claims it had a metal ring the same bird ended up in Cambridgeshire where the ring was shown to be a red plastic ring (as some had claimed from the start – it was first seen in Cambridgeshire in March). As of January 2019 the same bird is still present at Welney, Norfolk.

WHITE stork.png

Although George is claiming 322 on Bubo we note that on Birdtrack he is claiming 321. We also believe not all the birds he puts into Birdtrack he has seen.

Given that Geoff Keen is on 322 and George is on less than 322 we declare that the real BOU 1 record holder for 2018 to be Geoff Keen. Well done Geoff.

facebook 321.png

When checking his 2018 list we came across his claim of a Penduline Tit at Tyttenhanger GP. More on that in the above post. 

By the way George loves updating his BOU Bubo list very late in the day. Before December his 2018 BOU Bubo list was on 250, then at the end of December it suddenly jumped up to 322!! Leaving it so late means birders memories might fade, etc. It would help if George updated his list on Bubo every month and included for each scarce bird the location and date, but we will not hold our breath.


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