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New all time year list record holder (24/9/19)

December 31, 2016

Gareth Hughes had 352 for his 2016 UK400 list, but George claimed 355. We know that George got far less than 352, which is typical of George of adding a few more on to beat his rivals. Gareth would have been the number 1 2016 lister but we found out at the very end of 2016 that Mark Pass had become the new all time year list record holder. Perhaps Mark kept it secret because he was worried that he would get the same treatment that George has given to others of character assassination and defamation without genuine justification.

On 24/9/19 George gave the following gripes/misinformation:

We don’t think Mark spent £82,000 on his year-list. We also don’t think that Mark should submit his full list to George. We believe that Mark got more than 403 species as Mark got to the 400 mark with a Killdeer in November found on the 13th.

George still pretends to have beaten the previous all time year list record which was set by Adrian Webb with 383 but George knocked it down to 378 with no real justification. George’s 1996 year-list original claim was 375. Then in Nov. 2002, he claimed that he had beaten Adrian’s record with 384 birds. His 1996 list had grown by 8 new splits and WH Duck. This claim of 384 birds was not believed. Also he didn’t add any splits or WH Duck to Adrian’s list some of which Adrian did see!! Then a few years later George increased his own list to 386!!

These fabricated claims were investigated on this site here & here, etc. George accused Adrian of: flushing birds so George missed them (e.g. Black Headed Bunting); seeing birds that George deemed were escapes (e.g. Black kite); fabricating seeing birds (e.g. Ivory Gull). Note the Black Kite was accepted by BBRC. The old excellent Hitler video on the Adrian saga can be found here which is mixture of facts and fiction. 

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